I.Interior design of apartments, houses, offices and public services buildings (technical drawings, visualizations);

1. Concept - Development of a concept design (two design versions):

- projections, views of interior walls with recommended location of the equipment,

- visuals reflecting the nature of the proposed interior design.

2. Detailed designs :

- Functional design of entire space (2Dplan),

- Selection of materials (paint, wall and floor linings, appliances, ceramics),

- Views of individual walls,

- Ceiling design,

- Floor design.

- Interior lighting (location and selection of lamps, sockets, lamp brackets, etc.),

- Furniture selection or design.

3. Supervision.

II. Detail decoration advisory.

III. Home staging -  advice and makeovers for a fast, profitable sale.

IV. One-day Home Makeovers or longer term projects.

V. Interior design consultations.

VI. Window dressing design.

VII. Decorations (special events, banquets, conferences.

VIII. Stylistic care on public service interiors ( clubs, restaurants, hotels etc.)